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For more information, call us!: 818-216-9678 or email us: armartinc@gmail.com

Hourly Reservations

Hourly Limo Reservations in California


Arm & Art, Inc. offers a high-quality chauffeured service on an hourly basis where clients get to select the type of car they wish to have as their service. What’s the occasion or event you plan on heading to? Simply tell us so we can provide all you will ever need for a grand riding experience. This type of service is very convenient and price efficient for a trip with a multiple stops, where you don’t have to worry about your extra stuff and leave in the car during your extra stops.
Note: a minimum of 2 hours reservation is required. This includes a distance of up to 25 miles (additional distance is subject to charge).

If you need more information or wish to make a reservation, you may simply call us at 818-216-9678. You may also send an email to armartinc@gmail.com with your questions, inquiries, or requests.


Type of Cars Hourly Rates Minimal Charge per Reservation Distance in Miles Covered per Reservation Charge per Mile for Additional Distance
Elegant 60 120 25 3.5
SUV’s 80 160 25 4.0
Luxury 90 180 25 5.0
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