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For more information, call us!: 818-216-9678 or email us: armartinc@gmail.com

Private and Group Rates

Private and Group Limo in Burbank CA


Arm & Art, Inc. offers the best prices for car and limousine serviced for any private and group travelers (Call us to find out about Corporate rates) in the Greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Tell us if you manage to find a cheaper-priced company and we will try to match what they’re offering.

Fare for car and limousine service can be paid directly to your driver, if amount not exceed $120, by cash or credit card (we do accept all major credit and debit cards), but for fares of more than $120 we are offering invoice option, where will be shown all necessary information about a particular ride and its cost, and be processed by the 3rd party payment processor company (like Square, Quick Books or PayPal), which also can be used by rider to present as a receipt for his/her travel expenses. It is very convenient way to pay if want to arrange trip for your boss, business partner, client, family member, friend and e.t.c..

Select your preferred service car option, view the suggested route for the trip on Google Map, which we happen to be using on our website, and add additional service (like car seat) and notes as you feel driver need to know upfront.
The following situations do not affect, in any way, the prices of our services (offered fare for the service you choose will not be changed) because of:

  • Traffic,
  • Road closures,
  • Weather,
  • And much more.

We also welcome your suggestions for a better route option, which would be happy to check and if it is possible to give you a special price for it or send back a money for an already-paid reservation.

Lax Drop Off and Pick Up

Lax drop off fare will be calculated based on provided pick up address and system will automatically calculate the fare. For any additional request as a child car seat and other things, Please, Leave us a message.

Type of Cars CITY NAME ARM & ART INC UBER* Difference %
Elegant BEVERLY HILLS 65 74 9 +14%
SUV’s BEVERLY HILLS 90 96 6 +7%
Luxury BEVERLY HILLS 100 110 10 +10%
Elegant STUDIO CITY 102 119 17 +17%
SUV’s STUDIO CITY 121 149 28 +23%
Luxury STUDIO CITY 141 173 32 +23%
Elegant DOWNTOWN LA 75 89 14 +19%
SUV’s DOWNTOWN LA 90 114 24 +27%
Luxury DOWNTOWN LA 105 132 27 +26%

* The Uber prices been calculated by using their app on 04/19/2017 at 7:45 pm.

What You Can Expect from Arm & Art, Inc.

All our high class and luxury car service prices are lower than UBER prices for 7% and even more GUARANTEE.
The minimum fares for Elegant sedan is $65, SUV’s is $90 and Luxury sedan is $100.


We’d be happy to tell you more about our company prices and Corporate rates. All you have to do is call 818-216-9678 or send an email to armartinc@gmail.com with your questions and inquiries.

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