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5 Benefits of Hiring a Limo Service

At times, limos are perceived as too luxurious and unnecessary for a simple ride from A to B. Truth be told, this automobile could be your greatest need when you have dates that can’t be missed, business appointments to attend to, parties to join, or honored guests to pick up from the airport: we can’t … Continue reading

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6 Steps to Avoid Coming Late During Business Events

Arriving on time in grand business events creates a big impression. Whatever your position in a company, demonstrate a simple act of credibility by honoring other people’s time – be punctual. Avoid arriving late for your appointments! Here’s a set of steps you can try so you can make sure you’ll arrive at your appointments … Continue reading

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Luxurious Corporate Transportation: The Benefits

When you are flying into California for a business deal or meeting, it is important to make a good first impression. In the cutthroat business world, it is important to ensure you can make a statement, and arriving in a taxi is definitely not a statement. Through our Exceptional Car and Limousine Service in Burbank … Continue reading

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Travel in Comfort and Style

Need to get around but do not want to deal with the hassle of public transportation? Arm & Art, Inc. is an Exceptional Car and Limousine Service in Burbank California that offers you the transportation solutions you are looking for. We make it a walk in the park to get you to where you need … Continue reading

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Ride in Style: Comfortable Limousine Services

Tired of dealing with expensive taxies and dirty buses? We offer an affordable car and limousine service in Burbank California that aims to provide the solution you need to these problems. Owning a car of your own is a huge convenience, unless you want to go to downtown LA. Not only will you struggle with … Continue reading

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