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7 Ways on How You Can Avoid Missing Your Flight


Missing your flight is not just troublesome, it is expensive too. Unless otherwise provided in your tickets, the same is not usually refundable nor transferable. This unfortunate event can also make bosses outrageous, clients disappointed, and family members saddened.

While common, missed flights can be prevented. It is just a matter of self-discipline and attentiveness. Here are seven practical tips that might help you out:

  1. Set an alarm.

    Never be too complacent that you will wake on time. Upon knowing your flight schedule, allow some hours for you to prepare. Make sure that you set your phone or clock in high volume. Also, do not abuse the snooze button.

  2. Assess your travel time.

    Take note of your distance from the airport and the traffic. These factors will decide how much time it will take for you to arrive at the airport. At most airports, check-in time starts an hour (for domestic flights) before the scheduled flight.

  3. Arrive earlier.

    Arriving one to two hours before your schedule is ideal. With this time, you will have an extra period to inspect your belongings and check on other matters. Also, if you have not purchased souvenirs, you can kill time through strolling by the airport’s gift shop. Chilling at a nearby café with a delightful cup of Americano is not a bad idea too.

  4. Avoid last minute packing.

    Know what you want to bring during your trip. Being unprepared can lead you to two drastic situations: one is when you bring items that are totally unnecessary, and second is when you leave the essentials.

  5. Be familiar with the airport area.

    Orient yourself with the geography of the airport. Know where the different gates and receiving areas are. Losing your way can take up some time. When in pinch, never hesitate to ask assistance from the airport’s employees.

  6. Ready necessary documents beforehand.

    Especially on international flights, airports will require you to prepare some documents like passport, visa, authorization letters, and clearance forms. Missing any of the required documents will deny your entry to the aircraft. Constantly keep these letters within reach.

  7. Pick a flight schedule amenable to you.

    If you get to arrange your schedule, choose a flight schedule that will allow you enough preparation time. If you are not a morning person, avoid the morning flights. Get the schedule you are most suitable with. Note that rescheduling your tickets is not easily done.

In addition to the comprehensive list above, hiring a reliable and Affordable Car and Limousine Service provider can solve the problem too! So if you got so many things to do and driving yourself to the airport is already impossible, ask help from Arm & Art, Inc., an Exceptional Car and Limousine Service in Burbank California.

Our well-oiled vehicles and properly trained drivers shall deliver you comfort and security in travel. We do not tolerate tardiness and expect our crew to arrive on time. To get more details on our services, browse through at www.limotolax.com.

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